Being in the best institution does not ultimately make you the best. It depends on the choices you make in the institution.

You cannot choose to starve and at the same time, expect to be satisfied simply because you live in a restaurant.

You cannot choose to do evil and at the same, expect the abundant blessings of God, all because you are always in the house of God.

We are free to make choices in life but we have no power to change consequences of our choices.

Is it not absurd to consciously and willfully board the vehicle of doom and keenly expect to be in the city of salvation?

Blessings and Curses are normally the results of our choices. 

Never think you can hide behind your religion, spirituality and status and expect automatic blessings and breakthroughs when you are not in good terms with your maker.

May you always be careful of the choices you make, they can make or mar your life.

God be with you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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