A manufacturer knows best, so every product is carefully designed to fulfill an intended purpose.
God knows better than you do, so you were created with your unique traits for a purpose.

You are constantly asking God not to endow you with the needed gifts and strength to reach his plans for you, but you are asking God to change your destiny to suit your own plans and aspirations.

Are you wiser and more knowledgeable than your maker?

Be a bit appreciative to God for how he created you. You are not worthless.

If you do not value how God created you, how can you appreciate the gifts He endows you?

Never let your weaknesses and the great accomplishments of others make you reject yourself and even underestimate the works of God in you.

May you strive to know your value and blessings in order to make you more grateful.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

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