The erect stick of a snare can never trap any animal unless it is lowered. The lower the stick of the snare, the higher its trapping effect.

The more we humble ourselves, the more we open up to greatness.

Pride gives false identity of ourselves.

Pride makes a sinner, holy without any repentance.

Pride makes the indolent great without any initiative.

Pride makes one a hero without any heroic deed.

Pride quickly elevates us.

Pride gives us momentarily honour and pleasure but it in short time, demotes us into gutters and tatters.

Humility is not attractive but it is productive.

Humility is a mark of the strong, not the weak. 

Humility is a trait of greatness, not a mark of servitude.

Let your humility gradually elevate you, not your pride.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

3 Comments on “THE DAILY PILL

  1. Your work will ever be in vain. God will bless you as you are taking His word to the whole world.

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  2. Dear classmate, am so happy to read ur daily messages on sm platforms. Thank u n keep it up.
    Fr. Ben Attobrah

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