A great benefactor is likely to be a violent exploitative personality and an abuser.
Do not think that you have given enough so you can demand anything and treat those you helped anyhow.

Being in dire need does not make one a candidate for abuses bad and treatment, a beggar also has rights and dignity.

Helping those in need does not give us the right to abuse them.

Sometimes, under the pretext charity, people indirectly enslave and abuse those they help.

Charity loses its essence when it becomes the basis for exploitation and unnecessary demands from the beneficiary.

Discipline loses its transforming effect when it infringes the rights of others.

Our acts of benevolence and discipline do not in any way render our abuses and infringement of people’s rights irrelevant.

May you always value and respect the rights of people you help.

Have a great day.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

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