Ignorance is a poisonous deceptive tool; it can easily inflate our ego to get a wrong picture of ourselves and our accomplishments.

Ignorance can easily make the weak perceive himself as unconquerable, and mediocrity as excellence.

You are confidently boasting as an inventor but in reality you are imitating not the inventor but those who imitated the inventor.

What you proudly claim as unprecedented has been the humble beginnings of someone in past.

Your finest ideas and policies of today might have been useless and abandoned in the past.

Do not think that your are the pivot on which the world revolves.

People were living before your conception.

People were healed before you were born.

People were inspired and  enlightened before your existence.

Your contributions are needed but the world  will still move on without you.

May you not let your ignorance blindfold you to perceive yourself as indispensable.

Stay blessed

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

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