When we over-concentrate on exposing our attractive looks rather than our good thoughts and character, we lure people not to love us but to lust for us.
When a poet only focuses on his eloquence rather than the relevance of his message, he wins admirers but his words do not have any significant impact on his   listeners.

The way we present ourselves mostly dictates how people relate with us.

Appearances are not always constant and reliable, they normally change with time and space.

Do not be happy when people admire and value based on your external nice looks, they will  certainly abandon you when such beauty fades.

Do not be sad when people despise based on your looks, people, in days to come will struggle to catch glimpse of you.

May you build your trust and companionship on the stronger foundation of love rather than mere appearance.

God bless you.


+Fr. Michael Amo Gyau+


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