You do not have to know there before you can get there.

You do not necessarily have to be experienced before you can start.

Do not be discouraged, the experts and the experienced personalities started like you.

You can make it, make an effort, there is difficulty but possibility in every first attempt.

Stay blessed.



The mousetrap cannot kill human beings but it can wound human beings.

We might be indifferent to the challenges of others because they seem far and irrelevant to us, but they(challenges) can have a ripple affect on us.

We are interconnected, hence, the peace and progress of others directly or indirectly promote our wellbeing.

Do not close your eyes and ears to the problems of others, they may affect you one day.

Stay blessed.


No matter how intelligent, knowledgeable and experienced you are, you cannot have answers to every problem.

There is something wrong with us when we confidently conclude that we have solution to every problem of life.

You have a limit, never let what you know and what you have experienced make you ignorant that you do not know all and cannot answer every question in life.

God bless and keep you.


It is dangerous to drive speedily on an unknown road.

The best attitude for driving safely on an unknown route is patience.

You need patience to drive through the hills, valleys, smooth, rough, straight and curves roads of life.

You are not in a race, do not rush. Be vigilant and patient on the unknown road of life.

God bless and keep you.


Our greatest fall does not always come from our inabilities and weaknesses but from our trusted abilities and strengths.

We are mostly cautious and strongly guard against our weaknesses but we are mostly not bothered by the excesses and the potential threats of our abilities and strengths.

Be careful, do not be over confident in your strength, it can cause your greatest fall, if it is not guided.

God bless and keep you.


Our position in people’s life normally determines our investment and commitment towards them.

We will definitely feel rejected and hurt when others need us as an acquaintance but we see ourselves and behave as intimate to them.

Learn to know your place in people’s life, it is a step towards peaceful and fruitful human relationship.

Stay blessed.


The journey of life is like a preparation and qualification to a tournament.

When players channel all their energy in celebrating their qualification, they are likely to lose stamina and concentration in the tournament.

Having a smooth entry into the new year, state, or profession does not automatically guarantee your success, do not be carried away by the joy of qualification, work and build on your previous accomplishments.

God bless you.


It is easier to speculate than to find out.

Speculations mostly give quick but false view and meaning to the actions of people.

When you see change of conduct, zeal and attitude in others, do not be too quick to assign meaning based on your limited knowledge and experience, take the pain to find out why.

Find out to be fair to others and to free yourself from ignorance.


Our good deeds are like the meal of a cook, she may bring out her best but she cannot meet the taste of all.

We have different levels of taste; what is tasty for you, might be tasteless for the other.

Not all will value and appreciate your good intentions and deeds, do not be discouraged, keep on with your good deeds.

God be with you.


When we have great fears, we automatically develop negative mentality and attitude.

When we spend our time enumerating the works of those who can destroy us, we will not have time to trust those who can help us.

Never think of living a faithful, peaceful, joyful and successful live when you live in constant fears and hopelessness.

God be with you.