It is not only a gross display of malice but also a clear indicator of ignorance to intentionally broadcast fake and unverified information.

What we share normally reveals our mindset and eventually adds value to our worth or devalues us.

We become insensitive hindrances to peace, progress and joy when maliciously spread sensational but fake information about individuals, situations and institutions.

If you lack facts and credible source, it is better to be silent than to spread falsehood and fear.

Stay Safe, verify before you share.


Hard times mostly unveil our hard earn but hidden habits.

Never brag to be loving, caring, sensitive and incorruptible when you have not gotten the slightest opportunity to abuse, exploit, revenge and to be corrupt.

Stay Safe to Stay Bless.


Lockdown is not a trigger to knockdown and breakdown but an opportunity to sit down to learn and initiate something new.

Never let hard times destroy you. They are hidden opportunities to be recreative and creative.

Stay safe


It is not easy to veer off from our normal ways of doing things.

Species mostly survive when they painful but willingly adjust to unfamiliar and unfavorable changes.

For your survival and wellbeing, learn to adjust in abnormal times.

God bless and keep you.


How will I stay safe at home if I do not have a home?

How will I survive in a look down if I cannot afford the basic needs?

No one cared about my headache, who will risk his life to rescue and heal me if I contract a contagious disease?

Everybody is need but the poor are in dire need in this crucial times.

It is easier at this time,
To be selfish than to be selfless.
To take than to give.
To hoard than to share.

Do not only think of yourself, consider the pains and sobs of the poor.

It is an opportune time to share and reach out to others.

Our generosity can save a life.


We are naturally vulnerable and gullible in frightening and difficult times.

We do not normally think deep and far in trying times.

Do not only follow your heart, be reasonable and critical to figure out falsehood, scam and trivialities.

Open your eyes and mind,
there are many blind guides to mislead.

There are many scammers to deceive and exploit.

There are conflicting revelations to confuse.

Do not just follow any directive because you want to secure your life.

Be reasonable and firm, do not be merely vulnerable in your difficult moments.


Power triggers courage but unguided courage yields folly and destruction.

Preparation gives courage but courage without caution leads to complacency and disgrace.

Knowledge takes away fear but unreasonable application of knowledge is a deadly weapon.

Religion gives us faith but unguided exercise of faith can give us false reality, false hope, unreasonable zeal and eventual destruction.

Your power, knowledge, preparation and religion can grant you courage but learn to exercise your courage cautiously and prudently.


In difficult times,
In hopeless situations,
In a trying moments,

When things are getting out of hand,
When you are frightened,
When you are confused,

When many around you are negative,
When many are spreading bad news,
When others are giving up,

Every condition is passing,
There is day at the end of the darkest night,
Your God has not abandoned you,

Do not be overshadowed by fear and negativity. Take heart but be cautious.


In times of hardship, there are several promising but confusing voices.

A frightening voice to paint a hopeless, a promising reality.

A moving voice to give a false hope.

A real voice to coach us to make meaningful decisions.

Get an ear filter; Pause, verify and evaluate what you hear, not all voices are meant for your well-being.


Our crucial and non negotiable need as human beings is life.

Our existence gives us hope and opportunity to grow and to succeed.

Our earthly hopes and opportunities are permanently terminated by our demise.

Can the dead praise God?

Can the dead buy and sell?

Can the dead govern?

Set your priorities right.

Your life forms the irreplaceable basis for your spiritual, economic, social and political activities.

Seek life. Never take for granted any life saving precaution.