Before we can get the best from an entity, it must go through several tests.

Test is difficult but it reveals our true nature, who we have become and what we have.

The test of life can bring out the best in you, it also bring out the worst in you.

The test of life can make you better. It can also make you bitter.

The test of life can build you, it can also break you down.

There is still life after a failed test, do not be discouraged, keep on.

There are still opportunities after a failed test, do not give up, give another try.

Learn from the several tests of life, they are opportunities to grow.



When you officiate your own match, you will easily emerge victorious.

Most of us are on the path of retrogression because we adjudge ourselves to be faultless and finest end product.

Since the flawless does not need correction, any mishap in our life is attributed to the malicious deeds of others; without taking a look at our weaknesses, inabilities and negligence.

Stop making yourself victorious in all contests of your life.

You are not yet perfect, you are capable of making mistakes.

Accept responsibility of your actions, build on it and move towards your set goal.


Do not adjudge yourself as finest and most productive when you lead with one eye in the midst of the totally blind.

You will lose your power and usefulness when the blind gain total sight.

Do not capitalize on the ignorance, inexperience and inabilities of others to project your worth and greatness.

Seek excellence, even when you are the best in a mediocre society. The mediocre will improve to overtake you.

Your current cherished value will be useless in some time to come, get updated.


When you give with the left hand, do not convincingly expect the recipient to accept it with the right hand.

Our actions mostly dictate the reactions of others.

How we view and treat people are an active leads for others to view and to treat us.

Human exchanges are highly reciprocal, we are mostly paid back in our own coin.

Even in a wicked and ungrateful society, learn to treat others well, the dividend will be paid based on your investment.


You are an actor, there are several viewers, analysts, commentators and critics to whatever you do.

As soon as we are born, we become actors on the stage of life, people look and assess our actions.

People will assess you based on their peculiar knowledge, orientation, experience and expectations.

Their views about you are mostly dependent on how they see you, not merely who you are.

Do not be discouraged by the opinions of others about you. Be of yourself but do what is right.


It is tedious to look at the big picture but it gives the true meaning of a reality.

The passing storm may scare and frighten you, but bear in mind that calmness will surely prevail.

Your passing joy may carry you away, be prudent and prepare for bitter moments.

Do not be complacent or discouraged by the respective better or bitter moments of life.

Do not look at a part of the picture of the reality of your life, it might deceive you.

Look at the big picture to help you to move on even when all seem to be against you and to be cautious when all seem to be well with you.


Life is like a doorpost, one side is an exit, whiles the other side is an entry point.

We exit in order to enter, we end in order to begin and we lose to gain.

Your exit is not your end, it is an opportunity to start.

When exiting is not an option, a new entry should be seen as an alternative opportunity.

Exiting may be hurting, but it is another opportunity.

Entering may be boring and scary, but it is a hidden opportunity to widen your world view and to grow.

Never let the sorrows and pains of exiting weigh you down, let the hidden opportunities in entering encourage you to move on.


When all is well with us, we do not think of Justice.

We however, cry for fairness only when decisions go against us.

Life, being fair to us does not make all things easy and favourable to us.

Fairness presents to us what we deserve; good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant.

The world is sometimes unfair because, we do not always get the deserving outcomes of our actions.

In reality, it is unfair to retrogress or fail in our discipline and diligence. It is likewise unjust to succeed in our indolence and irresponsibility.

It is unjust to equate fairness to complete enjoyment of rights and privileges without taking responsibility of our actions.

May the glaring corresponding consequences of your actions caution you to make good and discerning decisions.

Remain in the peace and love of God.


Sometimes, it is a waste of time to explain yourself, because your audience have already made their firm stand.

Sometimes, there is no need to convince people to understand you, because you are at different pages of life.

You do not have to force people to value and accept you, for everyone has a unique scale of preference.

Based on our background, orientation, experience and expectation, we see differently and act differently.

Just do what is right, you do not always have to be valued, understood and accepted before you can be right.


Everyone claims to be lovely, but not all are able to live and show the life of love.

Where is the love?
When we love selectively, we accept those we can benefit from and abandon those who seem to be liabilities to us.

Where is the love?
When we advocate love but become silent onlookers when others are falsely accused and abused.

Where is the love?
When we only love people on condition that things right with them but hate and reject them when they fail.

Where is the love?
When we speak well of them in their presence but speak ill of the in their absence.

Where is the love?
When we have the chance to correct but diabolically broadcast the mistakes of others.

Love becomes useful when it is expressed in action. Try to practically prove your love.