Pretention is not only retrogressive, it could also be destructive.

In your ignorance, when you pretend to be knowledgeable, you will never know.

On your way, when you think you have already arrived at your destination, you will never get there.

In your difficulties, when you do not hope and work for the best, but pretend all is well, you will be stuck permanently in difficulty.

In your lacks and weaknesses, when you pretend to be strong and well endowed, you will grow in poverty and in weakness.

Pretention is a self deception act, learn to avoid it.


One of the greatest setback in life is to passively sit back.

When we sit back, we waste our energy, time and resources.

When we sit back, we normally set ourselves apart from the process of progress.

We cannot go forward in life when we engage in unproductive sit backs.

Get involved, never let your sit back set you back.


Life governed by rules, we ignore rules and expect to be find peace.

Life is a process, not an event, we consciously use shortcuts but expect to succeed over night.

We do not respect order but we expect to fine peace and decorum.

Approved routes are mostly not attractive but they are mostly the best.

Be careful, shortcuts are attractive, they can also be destructive.


Certain things are only genuine and valuable when they are freely given rather being begged for.

Never beg people to love you.

Never beg people to value you.

Never beg people to trust you.

Never beg people to respect you.

Never beg people to accept you.

Let your deeds lure people to respect and trust you.

Let your actions and inactions make you valuable.

Work to earn, do not beg to earn.


It is comforting and relieving to get things for free but it has a hidden poisonous effect.

Our range of option is mostly limited when we selfishly seek free things.

We do not mostly value and protect things freely gotten.

We normally waste things freely gotten.

Our zeal to think and to take initiative is dampened when we always get things for free.

We become perpetual dependents when we only seek free things.

Do not only think of the passing comfort from free things, consider their retrogressive effect on your psyche.


Do not just be carried away by the praise of others on your efforts.

Some compliments are not true reaction to a good work done but borne out of ignorance and uncritical admiration to a personality.

Out of ignorance and emotional admiration, people may praise you to speed on the wrong direction and to be comfortable in your incompetence and irresponsibility.

Applause and compliments are not always authentic indicators to competence and success.

Do not solely hinge your motivation on public applause but be moved by the usefulness and relevance of your efforts.


Your deeds does not need acknowledgment and applause before it could become a good deed.

Sometimes, your good works would not recognized by those your works do not have direct relevance to. Others are blinded by jealousy.

We are wearing different lenses and different ear peices with varying volumes to respectively see and hear things.

The way you see a particular thing might be totally different from how I see the same thing, my best could be your worst.

Act simply because it is good in itself, not because it would be acknowledged and appreciated by others.


Some doors need just a turn of the knob and a gentle push to get them open.

A violent push from strong person is not a sole requirement to open every door.

Your muscle is not enough to qurrantee your success, use your head as well.

Sometimes, we need great and little effort to succeed.

Let your enlightened mind control the activities of your body.

Seek knowledge to make apt and judicious use of your time, energy and resources.


When we are too negative, we describe ourselves with what we lack, not what we have.

Not having much does not mean you are poor.

Having a weakness does not mean you are totally bad.

Making a mistake does not merely render you incompetent.

Failure does not make you good for nothing.

There is something good in you, do not be discouraged by your dark side.


The one who sacrificed his hair for you to learn how to barber should not be left to wear bushy hair when you become an experienced barber.

Sometimes we look down on people whose toils, pains and shame provided a bedrock for our breakthroughs and your elevation in life.

There is a high tendency to associate with your peers in the newly found class or status to the detriment of those who aided you to reach such heights.

Never forget the mark anybody has made in your success story.