The state of a book determines how it is handled and how the owner of the book is treated.

Our actions, words and deeds normally determine how people treat us.

Do not expect people to respect you when you do not respect yourself.

No one will love and accept you if you do not love and accept yourself.

Your abilities will not be valued and trusted if you do not trust in yourself.

People mostly treat us based on how we treat ourselves.

Strive to act decently so that it can inspire others to treat you honourably and respectfully.



In as much as the seed of a mango is bigger than the seed of cocoa does not merely make the fruits of mango more valuable than the fruits of cocoa.

In the same way it does not render the fruit of mango useless.

Our worth does not depend on the quantity of talents we are endowed but the quality and the usefulness of our talents to others and the world.

We are gifted based on our capacities.

Some people are able to achieve a lot and are having much positive impact on the lives others.

Having a minimal impact on the lives of others does not make you useless. You are important in your unique way.

Never underrate your abilities because of the great accomplishments of your peers.

Accept and value yourself and improve upon what you have been endowed.


No matter the sharpness of your machete, its effectiveness is mostly determined by the hardness or the softness of the wood it cuts.

You might believe in your abilities but you might not know the task and challenges ahead of you.

Abilities are best tested by challenges.

Do not arrogantly trumpet your achievements when they were borne out of little of no resistance.

Today, life puts before you flesh to eat, are you prepared to crack the bones that will be put before you, tomorrow?

May you be endowed with the knowledge and the zeal to sail through the storms that are likely to impede you in your voyage of life.


A long easy is carefully punctuated not only to offer rest to the reader but also to provide a smooth flow of thoughts and ideas.

Rest emanates from hard work.
Hard work is mostly triggered by sound and productive rest and recreation.

The lives of successful people are marked by a balanced interplay of diligence and recreation.

Rest without work leads to retrogression and work without rest leads to monotony and physical breakdown.

Recreation does not merely point to laziness and being a workaholic does not ultimately connotes diligence.

The journey of life is too challenging, you have to work hard to overcome such hurdles and you sometimes need rest to renew lost energy to recreate yourself for tasks ahead.

Balance your life with purposeful diligence and useful rest.


When we undoubtedly think we have already won, we are likely to work and head towards failure.

Complacency is a self injecting poison, it weakens and eventually kills abilities and innovative zeal.

Over confidence mostly breeds complacency, which is one of the common and strongest catalyst to failure.

No matter how you are resourced, equipped and prepared, a complacent mind can easily make you fail.

Even if you are the best and you are meeting the worst, expect the best from them.

Complacency weakens, guard against it.


When we sow the seed of over confidence, we bear the fruit of self pride.

When we think that apart from us, nobody can make it, we grow in pride.

Believing in your abilities does not merely render others useless.

Your rise does not automatically cause the fall of others.

Your competence does not in any way spell the incompetence of others.

Your knowledge does not make others ignorant.

Do not adjudge yourself the best among your peers by over focusing on only your abilities, think also about what others can do.


A cork may seems valueless, but a bottle gains much value with a cork.

Our identity, value and dignity mostly lies in the existence of those who seem insignificant.

You cannot be a meaningful speaker without a listener.

You cannot be a leader without a follower.

You cannot be a lord without a servant.

You cannot be a victor without a loser.

Without patients, the role of a doctor becomes useless.

You cannot be adjudged the best when you do not outwit the worst.

Our work, wealth and worth are mostly hinged on the activities and the patronage of the less privileged.

Never look down on those who seem to play insignificant role in your life, their seeming uselessness makes you who you are.


When we over focus on what is far from us, we cannot value what is close to us.

Instead of valuing, shielding and caring for our own, we rather hate, reject and betray our own.

We mostly rush to see the dark side of our own but unwillingly to find out the bright side of our own.

We are ready to criticise our own but we are reluctant to support our own.

We cannot get the best from people close to us when we fail to value, accept and support them.

Love and accept your own people in order to get the best from them.


It is not the beauty of the clock that matters, the accuracy of its time matters most.

The world does not need our eloquence, our honesty is mostly needed.

The world is fed up with our reverent credentials and titles, the quality of our life and our efficiency is what the world yearns for.

Our juicy promises are mere noise without commitment.

Our big dreams are useless without action.

Our preachings and inspiring words are empty with faithful witnessing.

Brilliant and mouth- watering manifestoes are mere waste of time and resources with implementation.

We are not judged by our beautiful but by our efficiency.

May you always focus on what is useful rather what is beautiful.


You were not born without a gift. Just that you have not seen it or value it.

You are not destined to fail. Just that you have allowed your unsuccessful past to tag and distract you.

You were not created to be denied of love and care. Just that you do not value and appreciate the love people show to you.

Your life is not meant to ruled by sorrow. Just that your joy is solely determined by others.

Your misconceptions and negative attitude towards yourself and life are veiling the best in you and in others. You are your greatest setback.

Take a second look at your attitude towards yourself, others and the reality of life.