A society that gives priority to mouths that lure and convince rather than minds and hands that invent is most likely to retrogress.

When we talk more than we do, we have less impact on the growth of our world.

We securely shield deviants and criminals but advocate and pray for peace and security.

We speak strongly against vices but we are silent onlookers when vices a perpetrated at our clear view.

We talk more about developmental plans and strategies but our choices and actions work are counter to progress.

Rhetoric mostly decorates and publicise the best road map to success but it does not automatically lead to success.

Words without works is a fruitless rhetorics, do not only trade on words, work as well.



In life, not all things are readily available and accessible, sometimes, we have to wait for them.

Many have lost great opportunities because they lacked the patience to wait.

Others are unable to know and understand realities and people due to their inability to wait.

It takes courage to wait.
It takes humility to wait.
It takes hope to wait.
It takes faith to wait.
It takes love to wait.
It takes time to wait.
It takes caution to wait.

It is unattractive and unpopular to wait but it pays to wait.

Waiting is not always passivity and waste of time but sometimes, a silent preparation for better and greater things.

There are so much in store for you in life, why can’t you wait?

You have waited too long, why can’t you wait anymore?

Do not give up, wait patiently but cautiously.


When I open my eyes to your strengths, achievements and possession, while I focus only on my weaknesses, failures and lacks, I feel am good for nothing and I wish I were you.

I only know your
possessions but I am blind to your responsibilities.

I only know your pleasant present, I am ignorant to your painful past.

I only know your infectious public smiles but I am not aware of your secret sobs.

I only know the good and joyful side of your family and vocation but I am ignorant of the sorrowful and unpleasant side.

I only know your salary but I am not aware of your toils and dangerous conditions of your work.

You may be led astray when you evaluate and envy people by focusing only on their good side.

Do not devalue and discourage yourself because of the strengths and accomplishments of others.

No matter who you are, value and accept your uniqueness, you cannot be the other person.


You cannot be a hero when you see yourself as a static zero.

If you value yourself to be hopeless nobody, it is extremely difficult to become somebody.

How we value ourselves determines the task we assign to ourselves.

If you think you can, you are energised to accomplish greatness irrespective of the challenges.

If you think you cannot, you are demoralised to to fail irrespective of the opportunities.

Never let your current hopeless situation discourage you and suppress your abilities to move on.

Be hopeful, positive, diligent and discipline in your nothingness, it will gradually move to the greatest height.


We are likely to misfire when our conclusions and comments are solely dictated by the comments of others.

We are likely to form wrong view when our view is solely motivated by the views of others.

People’s view and comments are normally influenced by their respective knowledge, orientation, disposition, experience and level of emotional stability.

It is dangerous to rely completely on hearsay and secondary sources, information are mostly distorted as they move from the primary source.

Do not hate, criticize and condemn individuals and groups because others are doing so, find out yourself, the critics might be on a dignity destruction mission.

Do not just love, accept and hail people due to the unverified favourable comments about them, take time to find out, the well wishers can be bootlickers.

Do not uncritically follow popular views; take time to find out yourself or critically verify what you hear.


Until we move out of our comfort zones, we cannot see new, different but better alternatives.

Not that we cannot grow but we are mostly not ready to accept the challenge of change.

We are comfortable and satisfied with old, common, easy but less valued adventures than new, challenging but highly valued ones.

You cannot progress and succeed in a dynamic world when you are allergic to change.

The more you explore and open up to positive changes, the more you increase your chances to know and to grow.

Change is difficult but possible. Learn to accept and adapt to change, it is a giant step towards self improvement, growth and greatness.


My Precious Child,

I was patiently waiting for this day. An annual acknowledgement of my existence and appreciation of my works as a mother.

My child, I really appreciate all that you do for me on this day but I will be much grateful with your little but daily care than this occasional show off.

It is my day to receive wishes but let me take this opportunity to remind you of certain things that you are gradually losing sight of.

When you entered my womb,
I lost appetite for my favourite meal.
I lost my form and beauty.
You limited my movement.

But for my love for you, I forget the pains, moans and tears at child birth.

I sacrificed everything to promote your wellbeing and growth.

You gradually moved far away from me as you grew up.

Your education, work, friends and marriage took you away from me.

The higher you climbed the educational ladder, the more you disrespected and disobeyed me.

You now see me as a witch and a wicked destroyer as you become more religious.

I lost everything for your sake, but as you grow richer, you search for more beautiful and richer mother to match your level.

You do not remember, value and even appreciate my painful toils but blame me for your all mistakes and woes.

You only acknowledge me on occasions but forget me in ordinary days.

My dear child, I do not expect too much from you.

Just make me feel I have a child.

Understand, accept and value me as l am gradually becoming a burden on you.

Do not be fed up with me due to my neusuating and provoking aging planks.

Awwww!! I need you now.

Do not wait to feast at my funeral, feed me now.

Do not wait to pay me last respect, love and respect me now.

Do not wait to show my decorated lifeless body to the world, cloth me now and show my shrinkened body and wrinkled face to your friends.

I do not need your hypocritical visit to my tomb, visit me now.

Honour me now with your loving, caring, peaceful, unifying, accomodating and discipline conduct.

My child, you are my greatest asset, pride and legacy.I love and value you. I will always hope and pray for the best for you.

Thank you for your attention. God bless and keep you.

Yours Beloved Mother


When we give people the chance to have unhindered access to our life, we equip them to assess our life.

Some come into our life to build us up, others come to break us down.

Be very careful of whom you open up to.

By opening up;

You give useful tools to your friends to build you up.

You give destructive weapons to your foes to destroy you.

You need others in your life but learn to filter in order to minimize the inflow of detractors and destroyers in your life.


No matter how caring a nursing mother, she will one day stop breastfeeding her baby.

Until the baby is denied of breast milk, it will not make any effort search for or accept any alternative food.

People will not always spoon-feed you, learn to search and feed yourself.

Your lovers and well wishers will not always be there for you, learn to be on your own.

Your companions and supporters will not always follow you, learn to walk alone.

Do not over depend on people, groups and instructions, they will not always be at your service.

Learn to walk alone in the midst of abandonment, it is a step towards growth and maturity


The deplorable nature of a road should not stop us from moving, it should rather coach us to move with caution.

Some will misinterpret negatively, your good intentions.

Others will not acknowledge and appreciate your good works.

Some will distort the credible facts about you and work to destroy your dignity.

Life is a journey on a
road, the curves, bumps and the potholes are challenges, not hinderances.

Never let the ungratefulness, weaknesses and the evil plans of others make you passive, let them make you active but cautious.