Some vices in us are caged and suppressed by poverty, strict supervision, good times and powerlessness.

Until a device is tested, it cannot best be proven as effective.

Until our character passes through the sieves of time, freedom, wealth, power and challenges, we cannot convincingly free ourselves from certain vices.

You are yet to be there, be careful of how you strongly condemn and attack without sensitivity, those who have failed virtuous test of life.

Do not be haste to conclude that you are humble, caring, patient, obedient and always available when you have never been
provoked, powerful, wealthy, challenged and given unlimited freedom.

Until you are tested, do not conclusively adjudge yourself faultless and best.



Every creature is specifically and uniquely made, it is extremely difficult for a bird to live and behave like a fish.

We will always be disappointed and find problems with others when we always expect everyone to see, think and act like us.

No matter how examplary your life is; you cannot be the perfect yardstick for all.

You were not made to make duplicates of yourself but to better the lives of others.

Accept and love people as they are in order to make them better not necessarily forcing them to be like you.


Everybody aspires to be rich but few think about the burdens and the challengers of the rich.

Not only the poor who face challenges, the rich also silently carry the peculiar burdens.

The more we grow in wealth, there more people stop caring and being sensitive to our problems.

People heighten their expectations for the rich without considering their numerous responsibilities.

People mostly receive from the rich without appreciation because they think the rich could have done better.

People hardly listen to the cry of the rich because they think the rich are problem free.

Learn to understand the rich by considering also their countless responsibilities instead of their gains.


Acting on people’s misconception is like taking a wrong medication with a wrong dosage.

Not all that you hear about people, places, groups and events are always true.

How you see and understand things is not always the reality.

Be more critical and objective, do not just swallow everything put before you.

Do not judge solely by your limited knowledge and experience.

An image is clearer when it is closer, get closer and experience before you judge.

You are not faultless and all-knowing; so be mindful of how you perceive and judge others.


A tree which offers a habitation for birds can never be immuned from the hurts of stones and bullets.

Do not expect to be free from hatred, jealousy, criticism and discouragement when you try to make productive use of your gifts for the sake of common good.

A hidden talent, unsound complaints and unheard comments cannot be evaluated.

When we unearth and make apt use of our gifts, it puts us in the limelight and exposes us to be loved or hated, accepted or rejected, and praised or criticized.

Be strengthened to face and to endure the challenges that come with your gifts.


When we solely hinge on nice words, wishes and dreams to feel good rather than positive action, growth becomes a myriad.

Having the strong conviction to be wealthy does not merely make you wealthy, It deepens on how you transform your conviction into action.

Taking delight in attractive but empty and irrelevant promises without action does not add any value to your worth.

Wishful thinking promotes positive but useless conviction. It makes us dream big without making any effort to actualize it.

Never be a complacent dreamer but an active executioner.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


Human beings are like a chameleons, we instantly and completely abandon the colour of our old environment when we find a new one.

There is a mad rush for what is new and we totally abandon them when it becomes old.

We do everything to win people but we do everything to lose them when we are used to them.

You were priceless asset to them but now you are a heavy and nusuating burden on them.

They were not comfortable without you but they are now at peace without you.

Do not be carried away by the warm acceptance and best treatment from your admirers and sympathizers, they can instantly change.


Our identity determines how we see ourselves.

How we see ourselves determines how we behave.

When we lose our identity, we lose our roots, uniqueness, purpose, focus and destination.

Many people, groups, institutions, churches and nations are gradually losing their unique identities and focus all in the name of uncritical imitation to please their audience and members.

Valuing and keeping your approved identity do not merely make you bad, static and outmoded.

Only imitate to improve your identity, do not imitate to destroy it.


When our appetite moves us to eat a specific food without considering its side effects, it is not our appetite which bears the consequences but ourself.

People may encourage you to act.

People may applaud your initiatives. But they will not accept responsibility of your actions.

When the aftermath of your action is favourable, expect many people to share in your glory.

But when you have unpleasant consequence from your action, be prepared to stand alone or with the few.

Accept responsibility of your actions.


It is not only an act hypocrisy but also a clear display of insensitivity when we show much concern on trivial issues about others but silent on serious matters.

We deeply hurt our own but we blame those who hit our own.

We kill our own but we condemn those who disrespect our own.

We are insensitive to the needs of our own but we are very mad at people who abuse our own.

We show insensitive care when we over complain on trivial attacks on our own but dead silent on our heinous crimes on our own.

Do not just show care, be sensitive as well.